Hipster Baby vs. Toddler in Tiara

I posted a pic of my baby girl on Facebook in the MOST fabulous hat. Truly. It is a white leather and fur handmade aviator cap that my sister bought her at an Aboriginal art show here in Thunder Bay (only the sort of one-of-a-kind millinery found in Northwestern Ontario).


A friend commented on the picture, calling her “Hipster Baby”. I can’t say I’m cool or young enough to know what a Hipster is, but I do know that my girl has the most eclectic wardrobe this side of Thunder Bay thanks to friends and family with fabulous taste… and a smidge of her momma’s sick fascination with fashion.

Her wardrobe is now more robust than any 30-year-old shopaholic’s. I love that a whole community of people take pride in dressing her.

Among my favourites is her moustache skirt, white baby wookie fur booties that are reminiscent of a sasquatch’s feet, some Elton-John style oversized sunglasses, the funkiest faux fur brown vest, stone grey lace-trim knit legwarmers, a red barret, a pair of genuine leather red cowboy boots from new Mexico and more handmade wool hats than anyone I know.

And so, I guess I like the idea that she’s hipster-ish (if that’s possible to be when you are a baby).

I don’t buy into the “princess” stuff.  I don’t actively ban it either. I just avoid it. I’m sure she’ll discover it on her own, I’d just rather not encourage the whole sense of entitlement, class-system thing that I think comes hand-in-hand with imagining yourself to be royalty.

I don’t judge kids and parents who are into the princess thing though. Kids are kids, they love to dress up. Hell, I did it. I just haven’t felt the pull. It’s not on our radar. I like the mad, eclectic vibe she’s got going.

Besides, my girl is the kind of girl who seems to love cars, monsters, boys and Thomas the train just as much as her fancy shoes and fluffy tutus.

I like her versatility. I wish I could pull it off as well as she does, my little muse.

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